COVID-19: Face Mask Safety

Is it safe for my child to wear a face mask?  
What age should I start making them wear it?

This rise in cases of COVID-19 we are seeing across the U.S. has made us all more aware of the importance of wearing a face mask in public.  

First of wearing a face mask is safe and it is one of the best ways to help lower your risk for catching the coronavirus when you add it to social distancing.  

When it comes to your children it is recommended by the CDC that face masks should be worn by children over the age of 2 years when out in public and we generally don't recommend it for younger ages than that.

Masks should be an appropriate fit.  When selecting a mask try to pick one that is able to cover the nose and mouth without being loose.  When a mask is loose it is more likely that you will touch your face to adjust it.  Many stores are selling sepecifically child size masks or adjustable band lengths.  

Ideally you should wash your mask once daily.

When you and your child are planning to go somewhere that you may interact with other people make the use of the face mask a routine part of getting ready to leave. 

Of course the best prevention will always be to keep your children at home when ever possible and avoid exposing them to other individuals.

Here at Tri-City Pediatric Cardiology we are doing our part to keep everyone safe by having all patients and families wear face masks during our visits, just as all our staff do.  We are trying to keep the number of patients in clinic limited and avoid them from coming into contact with other families.  

We appreciate your help in keeping us all safe and your understanding during this time.