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Hypertension in Adolescents

Nearly 20% of adolescents are at risk for cardiovascular disease.

Nearly 20% of adolescents are at risk for cardiovascular disease. For this reason, American Academy of Pediatrics has updated their guidelines on High Blood Pressure management (2017) to match the new Adult Blood Pressure guidelines.

So what's different?

For children over the age of 13 years we use the same numbers for normal blood pressure and hypertension.  

Noticing trends in heart disease in adults the cut-off for hypertension was lowered.  The new values are:

Normal blood pressure:  <120/80
Elevated blood pressure:  120/80 - 130/85
Stage 1 Hypertension:  130/85 - 140/90
Stage 2 Hypertension:  >140/90

No real changes to medications recommended for treatment were made.

Some guidance was given to what tests to in order, including the use of Ambulatory BP monitors and Echocardiogram which are both offered by our office. 

When should I be referred?

It is recommended if your child has been found on 3 separate visits to have Hypertension your Provider should consider referring you to Cardiology. 

We always recommend you have a home blood pressure cuff that is an appropriate size (we are happy to evaluate your cuff in the office at your visit).  You should plan to do some home measurements before your referral and between visits to see what things looks like outside the office. 

If you have concerns about your child's blood pressure you should speak to your regular Provider and see if you might need a referral.  

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