Event Montiors

What is a Cardiac Event Monitor?

A Cardiac event monitor is used to record a patient’s heart rhythm when he or she is having problems.  Episodes recorded by the monitor are transmitted after they are collected by telephone. 

Why would I need an event monitor?

When a patient is having symptoms such as dizziness, palpitations, shortness of breath, fainting spells or chest pain that are not very frequent (not daily).  It can be worn up to 1 month.  If the symptoms are very frequent (daily) we may use a different kind of monitor called a "Holter monitor".  

What types of event monitors are there?

The choice of the right monitor for your child will depend on how long their symptoms last

When someone's symptoms are very brief (seconds or 1-2 minutes) there is a kind that can be worn at all times called "Looping".

When symptoms are longer lasting (several minutes) we have a different kind that is applied to the chest during symptoms only called "Non-Looping".  

What is expected on the day of my Event monitor?

There will be a $50 deposit (regardless of your insurance) that can be given by cash, check or credit card. The deposit will NOT be processed unless the Holter is not returned on time or is damaged.

Your child must be accompanied by a parent / guardian unless they are over 18 years old. Otherwise we will have to reschedule.

Please make sure we have an correct phone number on file as we will be calling to provide results.

What is involved in a Event monitor?

If you are using the kind that is worn at all times ("Looping") we will apply 5 small stickers to the chest which are connected to wires running to a small box that can be clipped to clothing or placed in a bag worn around the neck.

There is a button on the device that is to be pressed when your child has symptoms.  

What precautions should I take if I am wearing it all the time?

The monitor cannot get wet.  You should not shower, bathe or swim while wearing it.  You should not apply any lotions or powders to the chest while wearing it, deodarant is okay. 

You should try to avoid any activies where you expect the monitor could be damaged, such as contact sports.  

When should I expect results?

After you transmit your recordings by telephone they are printed and given to the Cardiologist.  If there is anything abnormal you should expect to hear back the same day.  It is always okay to call and check the results but we do not typically call you for normal results.  

What if the Event monitor is damaged or late?

We should always ask that you inspect the device before we place it on your child to note any scracthes or damage. You will be asked to sign a Event Monitor Agreement that the device was received by you undamaged. If it is returned damaged the cost could be from $40 to $2000 depending on what part is damaged.

You will be asked to sign a Event Monitor Agreement prior to placing the device which will indicate when the device is due to be returned.  All monitors must be returned after 30 days.  If it is late your $50 deposit will be kept and you will be charged $50 a day until it is returned. If it is not returned you will also be charged the full price to replace the monitor which may be up to $2000.

Please be aware if you are MAILING our monitors back they must either come to our Kingsport or Johnson City offices.  We CANNOT accept deliveries at our other locations.