Event Montiors

What is a Cardiac Event Monitor?

A Cardiac event monitor is used to record a patient’s heart rhythm when he or she is having problems.  Episodes recorded by the monitor are transmitted after they are collected by telephone. 

Why would I need an event monitor?

When a patient is having symptoms such as dizziness, palpitations, shortness of breath, fainting spells or chest pain that are not very frequent (not daily).  This will be able to help us identify if these symptoms may be due to a rhythm problem.  It can be worn up to 1 month.  If the symptoms are very frequent (daily) we may use a different kind of monitor called a "Holter monitor".    

What is expected on the day of my Event monitor?

Your child must be accompanied by a parent / guardian unless they are over 18 years old. Otherwise we will have to reschedule.

Please make sure we have an correct phone number on file as we will be calling to provide results.

What is involved in a Event monitor?

We will apply 2-3 small stickers to the chest which are connected to wires running to a small box that can be clipped to clothing or placed in a bag worn around the neck.

There is a button on the device that is to be pressed when your child has symptoms and a way for you to enter your symptoms.

What precautions should I take if I am wearing it all the time?

The monitor CANNOT get wet.   You should not apply any lotions or powders to the chest while wearing it, deodarant is okay.  You will be given replacement stickers and shown how to hook it back together so you may bathe.  

You should try to avoid any activies where you expect the monitor could be damaged, such as contact sports or vigorous play. 

How do I transmit recordings? 

Currently we use the company G-Medical for our Event monitors.  The monitors transmit using a cell phone based service meaning that they should transmit as soon as you record them.  However if you are in an area with poor service then it may not transmit until you get to better reception.

When should I expect results?

Your recordings are then sent to the G-Medical Review Center.  If the recording is abnormal you may be called by G-Medical so it is important you answer / return phone calls when you are wearing your monitor.  If the recording is not concerning then you will not be called.

Most of these phone calls from G-Medical are just to ask what activity you are doing but rarely they may be to inform you of an abnormality.  G-Medical will then call our office and speak with your Cardiologist and we may contact you to go over a plan.

After you complete your test and mail back your device we will do a Telephone visit to follow-up within about 1-2 weeks after your mail back the monitor to go over all results.  

Again it is very important that you answer / return calls while wearing your monitor.  Calls from our office should be from 423-610-1099

What if the Event monitor is damaged or late?

We recommend you inspect the device before putting it on your child to note any scracthes or damage.


The monitors are directly supplied to our practice and our patients from G-Medical.  You may be given a mailer to return the event monitor.  If the device returns damaged or late G-Medical will contact you directly with the cost of repair or lost / late devices.  This is not handled by our office.  

It is incredibly important you return / mail your monitor back as soon as the test is completed.  If there is a problem with your monitor we ask you contact G-Medical first.  If you have not received a replacement part / response from G-Medical we ask you call our office.  

We ask you do not keep the monitor more than 1 month without contacting our office first.