Home Blood Pressure Cuff Recommendations

What Blood Pressure Cuff Should I Purchase for Home?

There are so many choices for home blood pressure cuffs that it can be overwhelming.  When making a selection it is best to chose from a cuff that has been validated by research for accuracy.  Below is a list of validated BP monitors collected by various research groups that have demonstrated accuracy in clinic study.  We recommend when selecting a monitor you consider these options.    

Home Blood Pressure Monitor Recommendation List

How should I take my BP at home?

Here are some things to think about when checking your Blood Pressure at home:

1.  BP should be checked ideally twice daily, usually best done in the early part of the day and in the afternoon.  If you are showing good numbers we may ask you to check on 2-3 times per week.  
2.  You should be sitting for about 5 mintues before taking a measurement and trying to relax, avoid any caffeine or activities right before your measure.
3.  While seated your arm should be sitting on a table roughly at the level of your heart (mid-chest level) and relaxed, not flexed.  
4.  If your measure is high you should continue relaxing and recheck in 5 minutes.
5.  Record all you measurements.
6.  ALWAYS bring you home measurements to your office visit for review. 

Why are some of my measures high and some normal?

During the day depending on how active we are or our stress levels our blood pressure fluctates.  Simply standing increases your blood pressure naturally.  Things like caffeine intake, exercise level, pain, headache, and stress will all effect your blood pressure.  That is why it is always best to relax for a few minutes before checking it to see what your resting level of blood pressure is.  

Remember that even those with normal blood pressure will have periodic elevations during the day.  As long as your high measures are infrequent (1 out of every 4-5 measures) then generally that is considered acceptable.